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• BRIT Borders Regions in Transition

Next November, four universities – the Catholic University of Louvain, the University of Artois,  the University of Côte d’Opale and the University of Lille  – will host the fourteenth BRIT (Borders Regions in Transition) international symposium, from November 4th to 7th 2014.
The 14th BRIT symposium, which main theme will be « The Border: a Source of Innovation?”will be part of the duty to remember, 100 years after the declaration of the Great War. Its underlying objective is to show the evolution of the border in its materiality: from one border, once a front , to another one, today open and the motor of dynamics and innovations.


The description of the conference, the list of the sessions, the committees and the current budget are detailed on

Grants will be available for PhD students


Call for papers until March, 15.



Border Regions in Transition « the border : a source of innovation »

International Conference (université d’Artois  – Université de Lille1 – Université catholique de Louvain Mons)
November, 4 to 7, 2014

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