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We suggest you to pay attention on unconventional joint effort by a group of political geographers. Their articles have been published by electronic journal called International Zeitscrift under the common title Geopolitical Tales. Contributors were asked to draw on their rich careers something unusual and personal, even anecdotal.  Tales were originally published in Croatian language in 2010 in journal Hrvatska revija (Croatian Review). The International Zeitscrift has made them available in English, spliting tales in three parts.

The first part of Geopolitical Tales, published late 2012,  contains articles by Gerard Toal, Elena dell’Agnese and Julian Minghi:

Geopolitical Tales I

The second part, just published, contains articles by Clive Schofield, Mladen Klemencic and Vladimir Kolossov:

Geopolitical Tales II

Both sets of tales also contain introductory notes which bring more light on that unique effort of fellow political geographers, which promotes our discipline in relaxed manner.

Later this year the International Zeitschrift will publish remaining tales writen by John O’Loughlin, Colin Flint, Revaz Gachechiladze and Anton Gosar.  We wish you a lot of reading pleasure.



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