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• Funded PhD positions at University of Oulu

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from students whose interests align with our new Centre of Excellence, focused on territorial and relational border practices. More information:

For those of you unfamiliar with the Finnish system, these PhD funding lines pay a living wage (gasp!) and support full-time devotion to PhD research. Guest lecturing and/or co-teaching can be arranged, but is not the basis of PhD funding. Health, maternity, holiday, and childcare benefits are all excellent.
The applications require a “letter of support” from a future supervisor, so if you or someone you know is interested, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Sami Moisio (
And for any questions about living in Oulu, working at the university, our 500km of bike paths and ski trails, and/or Everyman’s (sic) Right to berry and mushroom picking in the forest, please feel free to contact me, as well.
Lauren Martin, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher // Tutkijatohtori
University of Oulu // Oulun Yliopisto
Call for applicants for ten (10) four-year doctoral student positions and five (5) two-year positions in the fields of humanities, education, business, and human geography
The Eudaimonia Research Center is dedicated to facilitate high-quality research and professional networking in human sciences. Its main goal is to enhance support for the research and educational activities of scholars in human sciences. It executes and enhances multicultural research at the University of Oulu in national and international contexts. Eudaimonia’s multidisciplinary research focus covers different interrelated themes for understanding and explaining society, culture and human behaviour. Further information about the research communities in human sciences at the University of Oulu can be found on the Eudaimonia Research Center web pages. Stimulated by the needs in human sciences, the ambition of the Human Sciences Doctoral Programme (EUDA-DP) is to foster a multidisciplinary environment for research and education. EUDA-DP offers a high-quality research training environment to educate researchers aiming for excellent positions in academia, industry and society. For doctoral students accepted into EUDA-DP, we offer:
-international research excellence in humanities, education, business, and human geography;
-a supervision focused on mentoring, the assessment of learning and support;
-preference in student selection for special courses given by internationally recognized professors and for tutorials and workshops -organized on the research areas of EUDA-DP;
-multi-/interdisciplinary research options;
-an active research community enhancing a strong research culture;
-exposure to industry and other relevant employment sectors;
-possibilities for international networking;
-transferable skills training.
The EUDA-DP invites applications for 10 four-year (2014 – 2017) and 5 two-year (2014 – 2015) doctoral student positions. Applicants should have a strong background and interest in human sciences, and be motivated to conduct research in multidisciplinary environment.
Successful applicants for the EUDA-DP doctoral student positions are expected to start their doctoral training on 1st January, 2014, work full-time on their doctoral training, conduct research leading to a doctoral thesis related to the themes of the research groups in human sciences, and complete the doctoral degree at the University of Oulu within 4 years.
The work contract of new students selected for one of the doctoral student positions advertised in this call may include a four-month trial period at the beginning of their employment. The evaluation of the student’s aptitude and ability to continue the doctoral training within the EUDA-DP after the trial period will be carried out by the EUDA-DP Management Group.
Applications for the EUDA-DP doctoral student positions should include a scientifically significant research proposal which thematically fits the scope of the scientific fields represented by EUDA-DP, demonstrate the applicant’s qualifications and capabilities to develop into an independent researcher, and propose a principal supervisor, who is a professor, or docent-level researcher of high scientific standing at the University of Oulu and whose research represents the scientific fields of the Eudaimonia Research Center.
In addition to the required documents defined in the General Call Text and Application Form, all applications should therefore include:
1) A CV, including a complete list of publications and previous funding of the research
2) A “letter of commitment” from the supervisor (see instructions)
3) A Research plan approved by the supervisor, or an academic portfolio containing the report of qualifications relevant to the assessment of research merits and their relevance to the project (3 pages maximum, see instructions)
4) A report of practical teaching experience and qualifications relevant to the assessment of teaching skills
5) If relevant, the applicant may also include a statement of interest for an adjunct position (positions with external funding), if he/she is not selected for one of the funded positions advertised in this call. These students are full members of the doctoral programme, but their monthly income is paid by another source (e.g. research group, personal grant etc.). Currently the research groups of EUDA-DP provide a limited number of adjunct positions.
All applications will be evaluated and ranked by the Eudaimonia Management Group. Based on the ranking of the applications, potential candidates may be invited for an interview. Based on the ranking, the Eudaimonia Management Group will make the final selection of candidates to be awarded the EUDA-DP doctoral student positions. All applicants will be informed of the selection by e-mail.
For further information related to the EUDA-DP doctoral student positions, please contact:
DP director Matti Lehtihalmes,
Phone: +358 8 0294483390 ,

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