• Political geography graduate student paper competitions

Description: The student paper competitions are open to all students who have written and presented a research paper on a topic in political geography.

Guidelines are as follows:

1.      The competition is open to all students, however a student may not receive a Student Paper Competition award more than once during her/his tenure as a student.  See also 8a below.

2.      The entries must be research papers and not complete theses or dissertations. Papers must not be longer than 15 pages double spaced 12 point font, plus bibliography.

3.      Entries must be on a topic in political geography.

4.      Paper entries must have been presented at a professional meeting during the period beginning with the first day of the previous AAG Annual Meeting and concluding with the last day of the next AAG Annual Meeting.

5.      Digital copies of papers must be submitted electronically to the PGSG’s Student Paper Award Committee chair by Friday March 15, 2013.

6.      Submissions will normally be divided into Masters and Ph.D. student divisions.

7.      Submissions will be judged on their written clarity, methodological and theoretical soundness, and their contributions to research in political geography.

8.      All monetary prizes are awarded at the discretion of the Student Paper Award Committee. Awards will normally include:

A.  A regional student-paper award: for a paper presented at a Regional AAG meeting; award will be $100 for the top paper(MA or Ph.D. level, only one award); a student may not win both student paper awards;

B. Doctoral Student Award ($250),

C. Master’s Student Award ($250),

D.  up to three Honorable Mention awards ($150).

9. The results of the Student Paper Award competitions will be announced to the winners just prior to the annual AAG meeting. The awardees (including any Honorable Mention awardees) will be invited to attend the annual AAG Awards Luncheon at the expense of the PGSG.  The awards will be formally announced at the PGSG business meeting and payment will take place shortly thereafter. The awardees’ names and paper titles will be forwarded to the AAG for publication in the AAG Newsletter.

10.     Any questions pertaining to eligibility will be resolved by the Student Paper Award Committee.

Graduate Student Paper Committee:

Corey Johnson, Committee Chair, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, corey_johnson@uncg.edu

Steve Radil, Ball State University, sradil@bsu.edu

Helga Leitner,University of Minnesota, helga.leitner-1@umn.edu

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