• Diaspora and Education Workshop

CFP Diaspora and Education Workshop
16th January 2014
Department of Geography, Loughborough University
Organisers: Liz Mavroudi and Marco Antonsich, Department of Geography, Loughborough University
We are very pleased and grateful that Claire Dwyer has agreed to act as a keynote speaker for this event.
This workshop wishes to stimulate debate on the relationships between diaspora and education/learning and views education in a broad and open-ended way. By examining diaspora and education, we wish to discuss broader impacts of education and learning on diasporic individuals, families and groups but also in relation to homeland/host country contexts. Papers are welcomed on (but are not restricted to) these themes:
• Formal education and policy. E.g.: How do schools and higher education institutions deal with diasporic pupils and students with particular religious, social, cultural, political and emotional needs and wishes?
• Learning and performing identities. E.g.: The informal, active ways in which those in diaspora construct and negotiate their cultural, national, religious, political identities in relation to factors such as space, place, gender, generational differences, language, religion and diasporic/transnational connections. What is the importance of strategic uses of nationalism and citizenship?
• Educating ‘our’ diaspora and homeland. E.g.: the more formal ways diasporic leaders or the sending state attempt to mould and guide diasporas. How do those in diaspora engage with their homeland by creating educational, academic and skilled/highly skilled/professional networks aimed at stimulating change and development?
• Gaining an education. E.g.: clarifying and understanding the role and importance of education to those in diaspora. Is education seen as the key to career ‘success’ or diasporic survival?
This is a free workshop but numbers are limited.
Please send abstracts (300 words maximum) to Liz Mavroudi (e.mavroudi@lboro.ac.uk) by December 1st 2013

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