• IPSA World Congress – Cfp for RC15 (Political and Cultural Geography)

International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress in Montreal, 2014
Cfp for RC15 (Political and Cultural Geography)
IPSA Research Committee 15 on Political and Cultural Geography was founded by Jean Gottmann and is an active front of political geography on the side of political science. I hope as many of you as possible can participate in this wonderful opportunity for productive interaction between political geographers and political scientists.  
If you have any questions about the Congress, please ask Dr. Heriberto at hcairoca@cps.ucm.es
‘Performing the border’: policies, practices, people
Chairs: Prof. Heriberto Cairo and Dr. Luna Vives
Gateway Cities in the Global Economy (RC15/RC41)
Chair: Mr. Sören Scholvin
Geo-Politics of Global Governance
Chairs: Prof. Alan Henrikson (tbc) and Prof. Pere Vilanova (tbc)
Nature in the Anthropocene
Chair: Dr. Manuel Arias-Maldonado
Sense of Place, Arts and Politics: A Cultural Geography Perspective
Chairs: Dr. Takashi Yamazaki (tbc) and Dr. Maria Lois
More info about the sessions: http://ipsa.org/events/congress/montreal2014/panels-by-session/accepted/6346/0
Deadline for paper submissions is 7 Oct. 2013, so we are looking forward to hear about your proposals. As you may remember, papers can be only submitted on-line here: http://ipsa.org/events/congress/montreal2014/submit-abstractpaper-proposal


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