• Political Geography Undergraduate Student Paper Competition

Description: The undergraduate student paper award will go to the best paper on a political geography topic written by an undergraduate student, regardless of membership in the AAG or participation at the Annual Meetings. Papers submitted for awards to other AAG-affiliated organizations are not eligible. This competition is open to all undergraduate students who have written a research paper or senior thesis on a topic in political geography.
Guidelines are as follows:
1. The competition is open to all undergraduate students, or those who have completed an undergraduate degree since the last award has been made.
2. The entries must be research papers or theses, and not reviews. Papers must be longer than 10 double-spaced pages plus bibliography, but less than 15 pages plus bibliography. Margins must be 1” on all sides and 12 point font must be used.
3. Entries must be on a topic in political geography.
4. Each university may only submit one undergraduate paper or thesis for consideration.
5. Electronic copies of papers must be received by all three members of the PGSG’s Undergraduate Student Paper Award Committee Chair by June 15, 2013 to be included in that year’s competition. These submissions should be made by the student’s advisor or the department chair, which will indicate that the submission is the department’s chosen applicant (see #4 above).
6. Submissions will be judged on their written clarity, methodological and theoretical soundness, and their contributions to research in political geography.
7. All monetary prizes are awarded at the discretion of the Undergraduate Student Paper Award Committee.

A. Up to three Honorable Mention awards will be given (award of $50 each).

B. The winner of the Award will receive $100.

C. If no acceptable entries are made the committee can decide to not give the award in any given year.
8. The results of the Student Paper Award competitions will be announced in the fall PGSG newsletter. The awards will be formally announced at the PGSG business meeting and the cash awards and registration reimbursement will be distributed to the awardees at that time. The awardees’ names and paper titles will be forwarded to the AAG for publication in the AAG Newsletter.
9. Any questions pertaining to eligibility will be resolved by the Undergraduate Student Paper Award Committee.
Undergraduate Paper Award Committee:
Mat Coleman, Committee Chair, Ohio State University, coleman.373@osu.edu

Weronika Kusek, Kent State University, wkusek@kent.edu
Vincent Artman, University of Kansas, vartman@ku.edu

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