• IGU Symposium – Taiwan

2016 International Geographical Union
Geomorphology and Society Commission, Island Study Commission, and Political Geography Joint Symposium
25-30 June, 2016
Taipei and Matsu, Taiwan

Call for Papers
We welcome proposals for papers and panels from a wide range of disciplines and theoretical schools in Geomorphology and Society, Island Study, and Political Geography. The conference organisers invite researchers, academics, community and business interests, government authorities and interest groups to participate in the conference. The event offers an opportunity to present papers and posters, discuss issues and developments on a wide range of subjects, and identify common themes affecting geomorphology and society, islands, and political geography throughout the world.
Abstracts Please indicate the contributing sub-theme of geomorphology and society, islands, or political geography. We also invite prospective participants to submit proposals for complete sessions with papers to the organiser. There will be a peer review process.
l   Paper Submission
Please send a maximum of 250 word abstract
l   Panel Submission
Please send a panel title and overview abstract of 250 words; each panel paper to have a title and 250 word abstract
l   All Proposals
Please send your proposal as a Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF document by email to: wwang@ntnu.edu.tw<mailto:wwang@ntnu.edu.tw>  (Prof. Wen-Chen Wang)
l   Please include the following information:

–       Name:

–       Department/Institution:

–       E-mail:

–       Paper title (and in the case of panel proposals, please include the title of the panel and of the panel abstract)

–       Abstract (up to 250 words):

–       Keywords (between 3 and 8)
l   Important Deadlines

–       abstract submission: 15 April 2016

–       notification of abstract acceptance: 29 April 2016
Symposium Program
The IGU joint symposium program with Island commission and political geography commission will be as below:
Day 1, 25 June Participants arrive in Taiwan.
Day 2, 26 June Symposium at NTU (section 1, 2); go to Matsu Geopark in the evening by night ferry.
Day 3, 27 June Field excursion at Don-Ying, Matsu. Keynote speech by Prof. Herve Regnauld at Matsu in the evening before dinner.
Day 4, 28 June Don-Ying to Nangan, Matsu Keynote speech by Prof. Dieter Soyez at Matsu in the evening before dinner.
Day 5, 29 June Back to Taipei,  Symposium (section 3) in the afternoon and Keynote speech by Prof. Mike Meadows
Day 6, 30 June  Symposium (section 4, conclusion remarks). end of the symposium
The IGU Geomorphology and Society Commission, Political Geography Commission and Island Study Commission are going to embrace an joint symposium for the great opportunity to discuss the interdisciplinary issues.
If you and your family or friends can come over together for this symposium, please send each a copy of your passport page by e-mail to us. Only with which we can book the tickets (ferry and domestic flight from Matsu to Taipei) for you. As the seats are limited, I would like to book as earlier as possible. No matter if you have been there, we will try to let you have different experiences.
This is an opportunity to have dialogue with human geographers and island people before Beijing congress. We do not have section together in Beijing congress. Therefore we sincerely invite you to join us, and hopefully we will meet together again in June.
l   Registration: 300 USD (including a round trip ticket for flights/ferries from Taipei City to Mastu, ferry trip to Don-Ying, and all conference meals, refreshments, banquets, and organised island visits and social events)
l   Accommodation
□ Single room (US$140/night)  □ Twin beds, shared room (US$70/night/person)

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